So Much Lobster, So Little Time

Hello from Kennebunkport, Maine!  After an absolutely fabulous weekend with family and friends, we now get to spend our first days as husband and wife sampling the cuisine of the upper east coast.

We’ve already fallen in love with this thing they call “fresh lobster.”  It’s everywhere, and it’s delicious.

Right on the line of Kennebunk and Kennebunkport sits The Clam Shack, an unassuming oasis for hungry passers-by.  This place is literally a shack – you wait in line, walk up to the window, place your order, and then wait the longest five minutes of your life for the most gourmet snack you’ll ever be handed through a window.

The “lobster roll,” pictured above, is the most famous street snack in these parts, and The Clam Shack does it up perfectly: one pound of fresh lobster on a white bun with mayo and lemon.  Nothing fancy – everything delicious.  We’ve never tasted anything like this – so tender, so fresh, so full of rich flavor.

But we couldn’t limit ourselves to lobster – The Clam Shack also offers the signature finger-food of the Maine coast: fried whole belly clams.  We have no idea what “whole belly” means, but these lightly fried muscles are addicting.  Unlike something like calamari that can be a little chewy, the whole bellies are pleasantly soft and almost buttery underneath the crisp of the golden batter.

As you grab your food at The Clam Shack, you notice a sign that warns you about the sea gulls, and the guy at the window even says, “Thanks, enjoy your food, watch out for the sea gulls.”  We thought it was a cute little catch phrase, like the “Whaddaya Have?!” of The Varsity in Atlanta or something.

Um, no.  The guy was serious.  And so are the sea gulls.  This one kept dive-bombing the folks next to us.  Just a note: it’s best to enjoy your Clam Shack goodies on the benches that are located away from the scary sea gull bridge.

So thanks to Stillings and Alissa for the recommendation – The Clam Shack was a winner!

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One Response to So Much Lobster, So Little Time

  1. Daddy says:

    Yummy, yummy, yummy to the tummy, tummy, tummy!!!

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