Foreshadowing of Fall (and a call for YOUR recipes!)

This morning in Atlanta we woke up to our first “cool” summer morning (and by “cool” we mean 70 degrees).  This slight break in the morning heat gave us just a foretaste of our favorite season, which lies waiting patiently just around the corner (well, to be fair, at least four weeks away).

In the shoe box, Fall means pumpkins.  We just LOVE pumpkins.  In fact, our mutual love of pumpkins played a key roll in our initial courting strategies, just one year ago . . . but we digress.

Down here in Georgia,  pumpkins don’t wait until the official start of Fall to ripen on the vine.  The beautiful heirloom pumpkin pictured above, along with many others, was grown by our good friends the Wamsteds, who live just five minutes away.  They were kind enough to give us one, a) because they know how much we love pumpkins, and b) because their freezer was starting to become packed solid with pumpkin puree.

Apparently we can keep this thing for a month before using, which gives us plenty of time to a) wait for cooler weather and b) get YOUR input on pumpkin recipes.

So, what’s your favorite recipe that incorporates pumpkin??

P.S. Since Fall isn’t actually here yet (the temperature has risen back to almost 90), we currently have some homemade ice cream hardening in the freezer.  We sneaked a taste right out of the ice cream maker and, oh man . . . Stay tuned . . .

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5 Responses to Foreshadowing of Fall (and a call for YOUR recipes!)

  1. Amanda says:

    I’ll share my pumpkin & mushroom bisque recipe if you can get the Wamsteds to share their pumpkin purée.

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