Recipe Redux: Cedar Planked Salmon

Anne’s mother is in town for a few days.  We decided to make her something we haven’t cooked for ourselves in a while: cedar planked salmon, smoked on the Big Green Egg.

We’ve already done a blog post on this recipe, but Jason is so pleased with the natural light that the sunroom/dining room gets, he couldn’t resist sharing these photos.

This dinner reminded us how much we love fresh fish.  We’re thinking perhaps tilapia for our next post.  If anyone has a great recipe/method for preparing tilapia, please comment!!

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2 Responses to Recipe Redux: Cedar Planked Salmon

  1. This salmon looks amazing! Think it could be gas-grilled on the plank or baked in the oven for those non-green egg owning amateurs out there?

    • Michelle – You could certainly do this on a gas grill. The oven may be tricky, though – because you want the plank to smoke a bit. But I bet it would work just fine, as long as you don’t mind the smell of smoked cedar filling your house – which, by the way, is a divine smell.

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