The Summer Tart Reconstructed (or, a Blackberry & Fig Tart)

What do you do when the blackberries are almost out of season and you’ve rescued one last bunch from the farmer’s market . . .

And in the same week your good friends give you some fresh figs plucked right off the trees in their backyard?

Well, of course you turn back to TheshoeboxKitchen archives and stumble upon this post,  then immediately decide to simply swap the peaches and blueberries for figs and blackberries and make yourself a summer tart!  Genius!

If you happen to have figs and blackberries lying around – or any combination of fruit and berries, for that matter – then follow the recipe from this post and make yourself a summer tart.  It’s really easy and incredibly rewarding – we promise.

If you are fortunate enough to have friends with a fig tree (thanks Brett & Katie!!), prep the figs by cutting off both ends then quartering.  For this tart, we used about 1 cup each of blackberries and quartered figs.

Soon the neighbors will be knocking on your door (they did for us! okay, it wasn’t because of the tart, but we gave them some anyway) because the sweet, buttery aroma of this tart cooling on your dining room table is driving them crazy.

We highly recommend serving this tart with a scoop (or two) of really good ice cream.  We used Jeni’s Brown Butter Almond Brittle, which complimented the buttery crust of this tart perfectly.  If you can’t buy Jeni’s ice cream where you live, well then make it yourself!  And fortunately you now can with ease, thanks to Jeni’s new book (no, we don’t know Jeni and she has no idea who we are – we just reeeeally love her new cookbook and we want you to have it too so we can talk with more folks about how good the book and the ice cream you make from it is).

So, what are you waiting for?  Summer is slipping away!  Go make this tart and we’ll savor together these last hot, muggy nights of summer – with happy bellies.

P.S. Brett, of Brett & Katie’s figs featured in this post, is a fellow math teacher and friend of Jason’s.  Brett has a really cool (read: geeky) math blog.  You must check it out if you like geeky math blogs (it’s okay – embrace your inner nerd) and want to be challenged to think outside the box a bit when it comes to math education.

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7 Responses to The Summer Tart Reconstructed (or, a Blackberry & Fig Tart)

  1. Thanks for the love!

  2. Brett says:

    What a fantastic little blog. Katie and I are so proud our little figs were put to such great use. We bought Jeni’s book this last weekend and Katie made the roasted Pistachio with fantastic results.

    • Brett, thanks for the feedback! I’m so glad you and Katie got Jeni’s book. And, diving straight in with roasted pistachio is pretty impressive! Looking forward to more food adventures with y’all . . .

  3. That photo, with the ice cream all melty…has me drooling. The combination of blackberries and fresh figs sounds divine!

  4. Biz says:

    ohhh. i second once upon a recipe’s comment. i can taste that.

  5. says:

    Hey, I’ve just started following your blog. I love the recipes and beautiful photos. I’m especially excited as I have a huge fig tree and it is rare to find good fresh fig recipes. However, I prefer to print off a recipe to use while I am cooking. Is there a place on your blog to get a print-friendly recipe? I have found it for one other recipe, but have not been able to locate it for this one. Thanks!

    • Hey Carol. Thanks for following us! You bring up an excellent point and, yes, we recognize this weakness in our blog. Creating printable recipes for everything is a feature that we do intend to add, but we have just not yet tackled the project of typing them out. Hang in there with us, though – our goal is to eventually have all of our recipes printable.

      Thanks for prodding us a bit to improve!


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