about us

Food discoveries in a small kitchen.  Sometimes we just follow a recipe.  Sometimes we get creative.  Always we eat.

Find out more about us on TheshoeboxKitchen on Food 52

Credits: We take our own photos, but our groovy logo was designed by our good friend and former fellow band member, Brenton Smith at designeatsdesign.


14 Responses to about us

  1. Wait… so do ya’ll want to start a bakery? Is that the goal? WHY DO I NOT KNOW OF THIS.

  2. Hello, guys! Great blog! Your photographs are bea-u-ti-ful. Do tell about this bakery business! OK, I’m off to the market because I’ve got a serious hankering for your double-stacked griddle burger!

  3. Martina Jamison says:

    I love this, well done ABC

  4. Chip Story says:

    Jason…your Uncle Bill and your Dad are so proud of ya’ll and filled me in on all the great festivities. My wife and I went to maine a few years ago…great pick for a destination!! Congrats on the marriage and look forward to meeting your soulmate sometime!!

  5. Gary Buda says:

    Love the Dead Guy’s Sauce. Perfect on my smoked pork butt. Next you need to come up with a good tomato based bbq sauce and then a white bbq sauce!

  6. annie smith says:

    damn… you guys make food sexy. You’ve inspired me to whip out my rolling pin. Great job you two.

  7. Cheryl Case says:

    I cant believe we are friends, as in I feel like I am suddenly famous by association. Scruff and you should be working for the food network!

  8. Totally crushing on your gorg photos and blog recipes. Can’t wait to try out the neopolitan pizza and the brownies. Oh, the brownies!! Congrats on your new addition! My daughter is a June 2 baby, best time of the year to have a newborn.

  9. Hey there! Al just showed me this blog! I love it! We are the couple who wants to buy the house next door to you 🙂 I hope this isn’t super creepy! But until then, know that your site is officially google reader’ed in my book!

    • Hey Meghan – not creepy at all!! In fact, we hope y’all decide to be so creepy that you buy that house! We are so hoping that it works out for y’all. We are praying that God brings us some great neighbors with whom we can do life together. If it’s you and Al, that would be amazing!

  10. Anna says:

    Wish I could pin your recipes in pinterest.com

  11. Anna says:

    Wish I could pin your recipes on pinteret.com

  12. Chad Grout says:

    Faulk – It’s been a while and it seems life is treating you well! I got my first green egg today and my first thoughts were of you and the pork shoulder at man trip. I need to get that recipe! Best wishes to you and your family.


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